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Our Story

In 2012, The Donkey Dairy came to life, fueled by Jesse Christelis's dream to preserve a rare bloodline of blue-eyed spotted donkeys, endemic to South Africa. The vision expanded to include rescuing donkeys from places of distress, with a commitment to rehabilitation. By May 2019, Jesse had personally rehabilitated and rehomed over 580 donkeys under the secondary company DONKEYS AND DWARF GOATS SA.

Jesse's profound connection with donkeys began with the rescue of two foals, Saartjie and Betsie, from a slaughterhouse. These two donkeys were the catalyst for Jesse's deep appreciation and love for these remarkable animals. As Jesse and the team immersed themselves in their care, extensive research revealed the health and beauty benefits of Donkey Milk.

The findings were remarkable, ranging from its effectiveness in treating skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, and acne to its role as an ideal substitute for babies with milk allergies. The beloved herd of Donkeys, originally nurtured on the farm, transitioned to becoming Dairy Donkeys. The milking process was refined to produce pristine donkey milk, leading to the launch of The Donkey Dairy's range of natural skincare products.

Each day on the farm is a blessing, and Jesse expresses overwhelming gratitude towards the cherished Donkeys. The production of donkey milk is a collaborative effort between the milker and the donkey, rooted in a bond driven by love and trust. For The Donkey Dairy, happy donkeys equate to the production of excellent-quality milk.


Jesse in 2024 with Charlie, his mini spotted donkey


Jesse with Saartjie, the donkey who initiated his Donkey Journey in 2012

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