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Purchasing Pure Donkey Milk

For the first time in South Africa, The Donkey Dairy has made it possible for you to conveniently reap the benefits of Donkey Milk. Our milk is available in frozen form in convenient 225ml glass jars, it is pure, raw donkey milk which can last for at least 3 months in your home freezer and once defrosted has a shelf life of up to 3 days when kept refrigerated. Please contact one of our stockists listed below to place your order.

The current price of our milk is R85 per 225ml jar in Gauteng and the North West

Price in the Western Cape is R120 per 225ml jar.

How to purchase:

Please contact one of our stockists listed below:

Pick-up point in Johannesburg:


Linden, Johannesburg

The Co-op Squared

  • Contact:                Reg

  • Call or whatsapp: 074 232 6730

  • Address                 55 3rd Avenue

Melville, Johannesburg

  • Contact:                Ernest 

  • Call or whatsapp: 084 477 7137
    *Minimum order of 6 Milk Jars per order


Pick-up point in Pretoria:

Newlands, Pretoria

  • Contact:                 Linda

  • Call or Whatsapp: 072 877 7337
    *Minimum order of 6 Milk Jars per order

Pick-up point in Rustenburg:

  • Address:  Blikkies vol Liefde
                     cnr Helen Joseph & Loerie Street

  • Contact: 082 653 2112

Pick-up points Limpopo:


  • Contact:                Ntsobe

  • Call or whatsapp: 079 969 1481


  • Contact:                

  • Call or whatsapp: 


Agri Deli                

  • Call:                       060 735 1909

  • Address                 Agri Deli
                                   Bela Mall

Pick-up point in Cape Town:

  • Area:                      Cape Town

  • Contact:                Louis

  • Call or whatsapp: 079 051 0667 

Storage of Milk:

  • Milk should remain frozen and only defrosted before use.

  • Once defrosted store in your refrigerator and use within 3 days.

  • Defrosted milk does separate, so shake well before use.

Please note we only have a limited amount of milk available and this is available on a first-come first-serve basis

Our milk is produced cruelty-free from our herd of much loved and respected Dairy Donkeys and our foals are not taken away from their mothers prior to weaning.

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